Boston, Massachusetts


Something in the service business. A nurse or flight attendant.  I love helping people.

When they would like to come in, what they need done, and who they would like to make an appointment.   New clients also need to know what their expected budget is.

I love the way the salon looks.   Art and Hair and Boutique goes well together.  I love that we all laugh together at the end of the day.

I love hiking or walking and being outside.  I love watching sports, like football.  I would love to go to New York for a vacation or back to Boston. I just started pilates, stretching, and toning.

Costa Mesa, Orange County. Born & Raised.

May 2009

To be a retro-vintage buyer and vintage store owner.

A preferred date or time for the appointment, a good idea of what you’d like to have done, and a reliable contact number.

The diverse group of people we have in the salon, all the amazing artwork that is brought in, and the great products we carry.

In my spare time I like to sew, make hair accessories and jewelry. I also like spending time with family and friends, whether it be bike riding, barbecuing, or going to concerts. I live vacationing in Vegas and taking camping trips along the coast.